How could the western warrior and eastern ninja develop our future selves? As a designer, I am inspired by characters. I am fascinated by the (un) conscious influence of stereotypes. For my graduation collection I selected two characters. Two fictional identities created by imaging in media such as animation films and comic strips. The western warrior and the eastern ninja. I see both of these heroic figures as highly focused and strategic, however, the way they operate is completely different. The warrior stands for a physical, tactical, solid, conservative and cooperative person. Where the ninja is someone I link to focus, dynamics, flexibility, observation and an individual approach. A synthesis of these features represent a character who is capable of surviving in the rapidly changing world ahead of us. From my assumption of matching characteristics, an interaction between my imagination and suggestive material experiments took place. I tried to rethink the traditional approach of constructing a shoe. Here fore I used working methods linked to the characters, in terms of duration, control and 90° rotation.  By bringing these raw materials together in collages, there arose an image applied to products, which I developed further in this wearable collection consisting of shoes and corresponding outfits. Where I started from stereotypes, I hope this process will lead to a next step in the development of their identity.

Photography in collaboration with Yinchel Tang
Models: Colin Van Bergen Henegouw & Benjamin Francis Van Der Burg